Welcome to the Star Trek Kepler, a sim taking place right after the events of Star Trek, Picard, season three. In the aftermath of the Borg Queen's attempt to enslave/destroy Humanity we see a devastated Starfleet having suffered casualties not seen since the Dominion War. Even after a year the venerable organization is still picking up the pieces, attempting to crew ships, defend the Federation's borders, and present a strong front to enemies past and present and potential future foes.

In this setting is Kepler, a vessel tasked with a singular mission, to determine the intentions of a potential enemy not seen in well over a decade, one who now tests the Federation probing for weakness, and if such weakness is found to exploit it...

Greeting, and welcome to Star Trek, Kepler. If you are so inclined to join please feel free to take a look around, and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the GM at [email protected].

Latest Mission Posts

» The problems with letting AI do the writing, and the cat is an arse

Mission: Crew Shakedown
Posted on Sat Jul 20th, 2024 @ 11:10pm by Lieutenant T’Ux & Captain Aisling Banerjee

Aisling strode through the Sickbay doors, cane in hand. She was not quite certain whether or not it was going to be a suitable affectation. Still, she could not deny the comfort in the fact that it contained a finely honed steel blade. After last year she felt she could…

» Elle-vated (joint post between staff)

Mission: Crew Shakedown
Posted on Thu Jul 18th, 2024 @ 10:48am by Captain Aisling Banerjee & Commander Maxwell Fitzroy & Lieutenant Commander Subak Ren & Lieutenant Damian Leath & Lieutenant Lirien & Lieutenant T’Ux & Lieutenant JG Dorian Duranik & Lieutenant JG Shijo Yara

Aisling sat on one of the folding chairs, legs crossed as she waited for the others to show. The support personnel regarded her curiously but she did not pay them any attention. Today was either going to go well or things were going to go straight to hell. The staff…

» Shijo Yara reports to the XO

Mission: Crew Shakedown
Posted on Wed Jul 17th, 2024 @ 3:14pm by Lieutenant JG Shijo Yara & Commander Maxwell Fitzroy

Having spoken to the Captain, Yara seeks out Commander Maxwell Fitzroy, asking the computer for his location.

The Computer provides the information:

~Commander Fitzroy is currently in the Holodeck~

"Holodeck, whichever one Commander Fitzro is in" Yara says as he enters the Turbolift. "Computer, is he running a program, in…

» Shakedown: Engineering inspection

Mission: Crew Shakedown
Posted on Sun Jul 7th, 2024 @ 9:22pm by Commander Maxwell Fitzroy & Lieutenant Damian Leath

Commander Fitzroy makes his way down to Main Engineering.
He reviews the profile for Lt. Leath. He’s been on the ship a little bit longer than him, and knows his ways
~I went to Mars during the Academy but that was a week or two.~ Fitzroy ponders as he makes…

» Dorian Lands

Mission: Crew Shakedown
Posted on Sun Jul 7th, 2024 @ 8:50pm by Captain Aisling Banerjee & Lieutenant JG Dorian Duranik

The Kepler, a sturdy Sagan-class vessel, stood poised at the dock as Dorian "Duke" Duranik piloted his ramshackle craft toward its berth. The homemade ship, hastily assembled for the scavenger rally, groaned in protest against the docking clamps. Its mismatched panels and rough finish clashed starkly with the sleek lines…

Latest Personal Logs

» Cold Feet

Posted on Mon Jul 8th, 2024 @ 4:27am by Captain Aisling Banerjee

Aisling found Devin in the mess eating a salad with several padds strewn on the table before her. Without looking up the Muse of Fire's Executive Officer noted, "You seem pensive."

"Could we speak?" Aisling inquired.

Devin glanced up, took in Aisling expression, and then stood, "Follow me."

Curious, Aisling…

» T’Ux’s family chat 1

Posted on Sat Jul 6th, 2024 @ 2:14am by Lieutenant T’Ux

Dearest family,
I have boarded the ship. She is quite a beauty.
I’ve met the captain and the tactical officer and they are interesting.
The captain is a lot less formal than I am used to but I will adapt accordingly.
I will be unpacking my belongings soon but…

» Captain's Confession

Posted on Wed Jun 26th, 2024 @ 8:56pm by Captain Aisling Banerjee

Aisling could almost feel some palpable energy in the air as she strode down the corridor. Did she imagine it or was Elle's excitement somehow bleeding through the decks like some strange telepathy?

Or was it just her own excitement at the prospect of seeing her new command for the…

» Prologue - A Parting Lesson

Posted on Sun Jun 23rd, 2024 @ 1:21am by Lieutenant Lirien

For the first time in months, Lirien raised her unsheathed sword, gripping it in both hands with the measured confidence of someone trained from childhood in the art. While she was surrounded by a wall of blossom trees and shrubs, a single pagoda off the the side standing under a…

» Prologue Three: Meeting on The Muse

Posted on Mon Jun 17th, 2024 @ 11:25pm by Captain Aisling Banerjee

“You dropped this, sir.”

Aisling looked up from the personnel report…and up yet more. Sven Bergqvuist, lieutenant commander (formally) retired, held out her small ‘scribbling’ padd. How anyone that large could move so silently she had no idea.

“I’m sure I did not,” Aisling murmured. She hesitated, then not-quite snatched…